Modern Waste Management – Some Thoughts


In this modern era, generation of waste is considered as a common trend because of the increased industrialization and the increased population especially in the urban areas. Wastes are therefore any objects or other substances that are usually disposed off because they have ceased to be useful. There are therefore different categories of these wastes and they include:

  • Waste from the household that is commonly referred to as the municipal wastes
  • Waste from the industries which is the most common of waste. It is categorized as the most hazardous waste
  • Clinical waste that is popularly known as the biomedical waste
  • Waste from explosives, electronics and other radio actives are usually addressed as the special hazardous waste

The waste therefore needed some control mechanism and this led to the introduction of the modern waste reduction

Modern waste management entails techniques that are usually utilized to ensure that the solid wastes are properly handled. Handling means that they are correctly disposed off or recycled so that they can be reused by the humans. The purpose of the modern management criteria is to minimize their negative impact both on the environment to the human life.

There are therefore different techniques that have been designed to ensure that the different types of wastes are handled appropriately. This implies that there are several issues that are directly associated to the modern waste management.

Components of waste management

  • Waste treatment

This is the fundamental component of the modern waste management whereby different activities and procedures are carried out to ensure that the waste has least negative impact on the environment. There are therefore different forms of the waste treatment like the sewage treatment, waste water treatment that is further categorized into agricultural and industrial treatment and the radioactive waste treatment.

  • Waste minimization

It is also a common procedure in the waste hierarchy that involves the redesigning of certain products in order to reduce the level of waste that is usually released into the environment. It is considered as one of the most cost effective techniques since it requires minimal resources to come up with the end product. It is also one of the factors that can be applied to all sectors of the economy regardless of their source.

  • Removal of waste

Technically, this is one of the easiest procedures that help manage the waste materials in the environment. Once the waste is collected, it is removed using the relevant vehicles, transported and then the appropriately managed.

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It is therefore not wise to get rid of waste immediately since they are usually beneficial to some extent once they are properly managed. Their benefits can be felt in the following ways:

  • Environmentally
  • Socially
  • Economically

 What do you think?

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